The Ultimate Lie

Surveyors, engineers and architects are never required to factor the supposed curvature of the Earth into their projects. Canals and railways, for example, are always cut and laid horizontally, often over hundreds of miles, without any allowance for curvature.

Relax: you don’t live on a pear shaped, oblate spheroid, spinning on its axis at a thousand miles an hour, hurtling through space at over 66,000 miles an hour, while the sun is spinning around the Milky Way Galaxy at 483,000 miles per hour….just think about that notion… is absolutely preposterous.  The fact is that you live on a flat surface which is stationary – and all you have to do to prove it to yourself is to use the Scientific Method, the very thing that we were taught in school, but which science seems to have forgotten all about.

We know, we know, we know….that’s just crazy. It’s normal for you to immediate reject and dismiss this notion. We had the same reaction. Everyone does. After all, we’ve all seen the images of Earth from Space, and we have all been exposed to the Heliocentric Model since we were all kids. We take this “reality” for granted. Anyone who says otherwise has got to be a kook, a loon, a nut job. But answer me this: how do you know it’s a globe? What proof do you have? Have you ever seen the entire globe, personally? We’ve already seen here that N.A.S.A. has a long history of lies and deception- if you were not aware of this, please visit this page and check out the evidence.

In fact, we set out to prove that the globe existed.  We’ve spent many, many hours, with increasing disbelief, trying to prove that we live on a ball.  We don’t.  Our earth likely looks a lot more like the image to the left.

So, what about eclipses, the fact that everyone “knows” someone who has circumnavigated the globe, the seasons, the path of the sun in our skies, or the path of the moon in the night sky?  The fact is that, while there are missing pieces to this puzzle, researchers are quickly coming to terms how the system works.

Prove it yourself – catch a flight.

Most people who have ever been on a commercial flight will tell you that they can “see” the curvature of the earth. I am here to tell you that’s simply not true. In fact, if you take a moment to think about the Heliocentric Model, it becomes quite the ridiculous notion – if you use your common sense. If we were on a ball, no matter the size, the horizon would have to be lower in your view the higher you go. Instead, what we actually see is the horizon always level with our eyes. Think about this fact for a moment. How can the horizon rise to the eye of the observer, if the earth if a globe? It simply cannot. It’s physically impossible. Absolute gibberish.  In fact, if you think about it, and we urge you to do so, this is proof of a flat landscape. The earth should have some visible curvature. It does not. Don’t believe me, go and try to find it for yourself.

To the right, you’ll see a video that shows the view of the earth from 118,000 feet – over 22 miles.  Please watch, and decide for yourself if the earth has curvature.


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Ok, but I need more proof.

We did.  We wanted absolute proof.  And the more we looked, the more we found it.  Remember, we set out to prove the earth was a globe.  We knew this. We had always known this, and took it as fact. As we asserted on this page, we are simply concerned citizens calling for investigation. The proof, though, is out there. We believe that some exceptional research has been done on this subject, and is an ongoing effort by many individuals as well as groups of people. We have compiled some resources from various parties and made them available on this site.  Check out whose research makes most sense to you. Listen to what you like, throw away the rest.  Do it however it makes most sense to you – but please, do the research.  This is where a lot of people who have come to know this truth, took up on the journey.  It is a series of videos titled Flat Earth Clues by Mark Sargent (website here). If you’re like us, you will delve deeper into it after that.  There is so much great material out there, and with today’s technology, it’s not hard to find.  Check the links below, with the footer section of the page.  Those are just a few of the resources available.  Many, many more are out there. And, due to the nature of the subject matter, it is clear that there must be speculation about the real nature of the place we call home.  We’re just coming to terms with this stuff ourselves, and constructing a full view of the puzzle, with missing pieces, can be a challenge.

What about Gravity?  And Eclipses?  And the tides?  How does all that work?

It’s all being covered.  We suggest trying to wrap your head around the idea as to why this truth would be hidden from you, and a good place to begin this journey is with the Flat Earth Clues below. You may choose to delve right into each individual question that pops into your mind at this point.  And there is ongoing research on this field, literally dozens of videos are being produced on Youtube each day.  Whichever way you decide to go, please know that this stuff can be addictive.  Once you set off down this path, it’s hard to simply turn this off.  And question everything, and everyone, please.  We beg you.

Check out the clues!

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