One Trillion

If you spent a million dollars a day, it would take you 2,739 years to spend a Trillion dollars.

How much is a Trillion Dollars?

Since the Apollo Missions, NASA has received over One Trillion Dollars. Yes, you read correctly.  Not hundreds of Millions, or even hundreds of Billions. Over 1 Trillion Dollars – and that’s SINCE the Apollo missions. These types of figures, when thrown around, simply lose all meaning, since we never actually see that much money.  But we need to understand this concept.  We need to look further into what a Trillion Dollars could be used for. Are there alternative ways we could be spending that money? What could you achieve with that money, rather than sending “rovers to Mars.”

And how do we know what this money is being used for?  There is no accountability.  Where’s the proof of their claims of space exploration?  We have none other than their word, and as you’ve already seen in other parts of this site, NASA’s words can never be trusted. The video to the right does a great job of illustrating what a trillion dollars looks like, in under two minutes. Shortly, we will look into what could be done with this money instead of simply handing it over to NASA and then taking their word for what they’re doing with it.  We need to wake up to the financial reality of what it costs humanity to fund NASA.

A trillion dollars understood in a minute:

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For what?

What have we received in return for this expenditure?  Well, that’s where it gets interesting.  Please take a look at some of the evidence here.

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