Lies & Deception

"So you guys lied about a lot of things..." And the NASA Insider allegedly says, "No, we didn't just lie about certain things. We lied about everything."

First things first – how do you know you are on a globe?

Try to answer that question without relying on evidence supplied from NASA, or the assumptions you were asked to swallow.  It’s impossible.  We need to investigate NASA claims, because many of us know that there is trickery going on. When discussing the extent of N.A.S.A.’s lies and deception, it is hard to know where to begin, since its history is literally rife with controversy.  We think it is important to understand the origins of N.A.S.A., because a lot hinges on that story.

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If we are in search of truth, and we are told that we live on a spherical planet, we need to look at the evidence of such a claim.  When looking through the thousands of images of the “earth from space”, we immediately can discard the bulk of the images that we are shown, based on NASA’s claims that these images are composites (a series of strips of data which are “sewn” together in order to come up with a final image), or Computer Generated Graphics (Photoshop and other similar software).  When you drill down through all of the results, it turns out that there are two existing images that NASA claims are real, unedited photographs of earth from space.  If this is true, why?  How is it possible that we have literally tens of thousands of “satellites” in space, either orbiting the globe or in a geo-stationary position – and yet none of them have a photographic device installed on them, in order to provide us with endless streams of photographs of our globe from space.  And yet, we don’t.  We have two photographs that NASA claims as real, unedited, unadulterated – from the camera to the screen.  One was taken in 1972 and the second was released in July of 2015.

So much work has been done to expose the trickery, lies and deceit, we don’t have room to embed even a small portion of it here.  Below you will find some queries to videos on YouTube which expose such lies.  Take your pick.

Here is a breakdown of the Blue Marble Image.

This is one of two “photographs” that NASA claims to have of earth from space. This video shows you just how careless the people over at NASA have become. You would think that they would make sure that the images they claim to be true photos of earth from space would have no flaws. They can’t even get this right.  You would think that NASA would have literally hundreds of images of earth from space.  We would like to see and inspect them, because it is clear to us that there is a lot of trickery, lying and deceit going on.    

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A short video showing how easy it is to create these works of art.

This quick clip illustrates just how easy it is to create the NASA imagery on a computer – in just a few short minutes.  While this does not conclusively prove that all of NASA’s imagery is fake, it does open itself to questioning, especially when there are so many inconsistencies within their claims, imagery and supposed space exploration.  The more we’ve looked into this, the more we find out that we’ve been had.  It’s evident once you start to delve into the history and claims of the space agency.


Graphical representation of the number of supposed satellites in space.

Where is the evidence of all these “satellites”? We would like to see an actual photo of a single satellite in space. Surely NASA could easily show us just one photograph of one satellite in space? With this many, it would seem to us that you could point a camera anywhere from the International Space Station, in any direction, and get hundreds, if not thousands of satellites within one image? How is it that we don’t see the satellites from the ISS live stream? It looks like the earth is literally “swarming” with satellites, yet we have never seen a single photo or video of a real satellite in space.  Why?

This is just the beginning.  Once you start to dig into the evidence, you will soon find out just how much simply does not add up about the space agency’s claims…we urge you to keep looking. Truth will set you free.

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