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So, can you tell what’s “real”?

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Here is a demonstration by Captain Obvious, showing how easily we can be fooled by imagery, trickery and slight of hand.  It brings home the point that we should question anything we’re shown, especially in today’s digital age.  Development in technology over the last few decades has allowed for incredible advances in what is passed off as real.  Check out …

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An Epic Deception

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  This compelling video put together by ODD TV, spells it out.  Do you believe you are a smart monkey?  Have you ever wondered how we know that the world is Billions of years old, and that at it’s origins were this mysterious Big Bang, where everything came from nothing, in an instant.  Have you ever studied the currently accepted …

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Moon & Mars Landings Broken Down – to pieces

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A great video detailing the flaws, inconsistencies and outright lies that NASA has tried to pass off over the years, including the Moon and Mars Landing Hoaxes.

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Time lapse photography – proving flat earth? You decide….

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This 20 minute presentation by P-brane gives us some compelling things to think about, reasons to believe that we aren’t living on a magical spinning orb, which must do some pretty crazy stuff and move at some break-neck speeds in all different directions – if it wants to conform to the generally accepted “truth-myth”.  I am not one to generally …

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Cirmcumnavigating the Earth by Air – A few anomalies…..

Flat Earth 1054350 1920

Here is an 8 minute video by GeoShifter detailing the various attempts at circumnavigation of the Earth by air.  It seems the only successful attempts that can be tracked and verified have been done in an East-West fashion.  Only one claim of a North-South route shows up in the findings, and it yields some interesting anomalies.  What do you think? …

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