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Plankton found on ISS Windows?!? Drowning Astronauts? Connecting the dots

Plankton In Space

This is a great presentation by Peter Pan showing some of the more remarkable events in Space history, such as Russian Cosmonauts finding Sea Plankton on the exterior of the ISS illuminator’s surface (windows).  But, how can that be, you ask?  Isn’t the ISS in low earth orbit, in the vacuum of space? And isn’t the ISS in the Thermosphere, …

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NASA gets caught “faking” it all up….again

By Default 2015 12 11 At 19.20.45

NASA is famous for getting it wrong. It is almost as though they want to get caught lying?  Is someone on the inside trying to leave breadcrumbs?  Perhaps that person is just tired of going to work every day knowing they are duping the entire world – on so many levels.  This time, the ISS (the tin can in the …

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Bubbles In Space??

ScubaDiving Astronauts

Many people still believe that NASA is conducting experiments in low-earth orbit aboard the International Space Station.  This post is dedicated to exposing the lies that NASA and other space agencies are telling us, and showing you how they pull this feat off.  By their own admission, all of the training for Astronauts getting ready to go aboard the ISS …

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Ooooops! What did he just say???

Sunita Williams Commader Of International Space Station

Here is a clip, courtesy of Johan Backes, of an interview with Astronaut Chris Cassidy aboard the ISS, when he is asked about his experience in high school.  Listen to his answer, it is really quite telling.  Did he forget his script or is he trying to tell us something?  Shortly after his blunder, watch his eyes darting off to …

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