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The Dragger – Meta Human

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A brief presentation by The Dragger talking about the duality of our existence, The Dragger shows us what could be on the other side of the awakening that awaits humanity.  What is our nature?  What is the nature of our species?  Is there hope for humankind?  Thousands of people are awakening each day, and the basic question we have to …

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Allegedly Dave on Late Night with Milenko

Total Eclipse 978050 1920

As the concept that we live on a flat, motionless plane becomes a hotter topic with over 11 million search results on Google (click here) and 5.2 million YouTube videos alone (click here), we see it making it into the mainstream arena in various forms.  This 22 minute presentation by Allegedly Dave on Macedonian National Television’s most popular current events …

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Superior Mirages


Image credit: Shawn Stockman Malone In the last post, we have shown a view of the Chicago Skyline from 59 miles away.  While globeaholics have decided that this is only possible due to a phenomenon known as a “superior mirage”, we don’t believe this for a moment.  As seen above, a superior mirage is inverted, appearing upside down, as well …

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Sunset 922411 640

We’ve been in touch with a lot of people recently, many of whom are waking up to the notion that not all is as we’ve been told.  And the more we look, the more evidence we find.  The purpose of the entries in this section of the site, are to document some of those findings and to provide a forum for discussion. …

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