Orion….is getting ready to fool you.

Van Allen Radiation Belts

Ok, so this post is dedicated to anyone who claims that the “Moon landings” were real. In this first clip, we watch the NASA propaganda piece about Orion, the next generation space capsule, which intends on launching Astronauts into space.  Wait…I thought we already did that?  Didn’t we send a bunch of astronauts to the Moon in the late sixties …

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Ooooops! What did he just say???

Sunita Williams Commader Of International Space Station

Here is a clip, courtesy of Johan Backes, of an interview with Astronaut Chris Cassidy aboard the ISS, when he is asked about his experience in high school.  Listen to his answer, it is really quite telling.  Did he forget his script or is he trying to tell us something?  Shortly after his blunder, watch his eyes darting off to …

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Earth Curvature Test…New Zealand

Kapiti Island

In this 7 minute video, Globe Skeptic does a fantastic job of showing that there is absolutely no curvature, as would be expected on the globe earth model as described by modern day science.

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More on the subject of perspective

Sydney Skyline At Dusk   Dec 2008

One of the most notable side effects having engaged in research on the subject of the shape and nature of the place we call home, is that we start to notice things that we were once “blinded” to.  Some incredible work is being done by My Perspective, illustrating what would have to happen if we did live on a sphere. …

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Crew of Space Shuttle Challenger still alive?

Challenger Flight 51 L Crew1

Here is a short video by Michael Thomas showing us that 6 of the 7 Astronauts aboard the STS-51, Space Shuttle Challenger, which exploded 73 seconds after take-off on January 28th, 1986 – are still alive.  

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Lessons on Perspective

View From A Hotel Room

Image Credit: Full Impact Imagery The following video by P-Brain demonstrates the principles of perspective, showing what is actually happening in a series of video clips, during sunrise and sunsets.  It illustrates the difference in the perceived size of the sun as our altitude increases, and how the path of the sun in our skies is explained.  This clearly shows …

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Flight Routes – Southern Hemisphere

Flight Routes Cropped

The video below by RollingThunder42, discusses the flight routes in the Southern “Hemisphere”.  This was one issue that, when we discovered it, made us wonder what the heck was going on.  Why would any airliner decide to fly into the Northern Hemisphere, while flying from a departure city in the Southern Hemisphere, to an arrival city also with the same …

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Superior Mirages


Image credit: Shawn Stockman Malone In the last post, we have shown a view of the Chicago Skyline from 59 miles away.  While globeaholics have decided that this is only possible due to a phenomenon known as a “superior mirage”, we don’t believe this for a moment.  As seen above, a superior mirage is inverted, appearing upside down, as well …

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Chicago Skyline Visible from 60 Miles? Superior Mirage at work?


Image Credit: Joshua Nowicki (@StartVisiting) There are many images that have been taken from great distances, over water, showing skylines and other landmarks, which should not be visible from the viewer’s perspective – if we live on a sphere 24,901 miles (or 40,075 km) in circumference. Below is a break-down of the image shown, in terms of earth’s expected curvature.  …

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100% Proof – Globe Hoax

Screen Shot 2015 11 12 At 10.31.36

This great video was put together by Reffi, who found and analyzed a video of the highest, to date, private rocket launch from the Nevada desert.  It reached a stunning 73 miles (120 Kilometers).  While checking the video of the launch, frame by frame, Reffi was able to see the Moon.  Using some great detective work, the author of this …

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