It’s Time to Act

“The most confused you will ever get is when you try to convince your heart and spirit of something your mind knows is a lie.” ― Shannon L. Alder

The time has come to act.

As we’ve pointed out in other sections of this site, we have been fed a story our whole lives, one which makes less and less sense – by the day.  We see the deception, evidence of it everywhere.  We, at the same time, are being told we’re being spied upon by our own governments.  Our rights are disappearing before our very eyes.  We have never seen this much dissent, division, poverty and suffering on earth.  More and more people’s lives are affected on a daily basis by the decisions made by those in positions of power.  Those very representatives of the people, those that we have put in positions of public office, are clearly not acting in a way that considers our interests or even our rights.  We’re being led down a path to annihilation.  Our belief is that the time has come to stand up and let them know that we are not willing to be complicit in the murder of innocent people all around the world, the destruction of economies and cultures.  We’ve had enough.  There are many amongst us who believe that a world with fairness and kindness, can exist.  One that takes into account the most basic of human needs.

Many of us have come to realise that there is a solution.  We need to raise the vibrational energy of the entire population of earth.  We feel the need to stand up and be counted.  How else will we stop the advance toward certain death?  Our feeling is this: find something you are truly passionate about, and act on it.  Find an issue which is of interest to you.  Anything.  Find a cause, or an organisation, a group of people who you relate to – one that can make a positive change for humanity – no matter how small you perceive it to be.  As we reach out to others who share these interests, we become empowered.  We arrive at the conclusion that we’re working towards change.  We’re being the change we would like to see.  We encourage everyone to do something of value for the human race – where, how, with whom, and toward what end?  That’s up to you.

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