Plankton found on ISS Windows?!? Drowning Astronauts? Connecting the dots

Plankton In Space

This is a great presentation by Peter Pan showing some of the more remarkable events in Space history, such as Russian Cosmonauts finding Sea Plankton on the exterior of the ISS illuminator’s surface (windows).  But, how can that be, you ask?  Isn’t the ISS in low earth orbit, in the vacuum of space? And isn’t the ISS in the Thermosphere, where temperatures range from 500º Centigrade to over 2,000º Centigrade????  Oh, yes, and the famous story of the Italian Astronaut Luca Parmetano, who, during a “space walk”, felt water on his hand and on the back of his head, forcing him to cut his Extra Vehicular Activity (really, that’s how you refer to it?), short – by 4 1/2 hours.  This all because nearly a gallon of water “seeped inside of his helmet”. Hmmm, very fishy.

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