Allegedly Dave on Late Night with Milenko

Total Eclipse 978050 1920

As the concept that we live on a flat, motionless plane becomes a hotter topic with over 11 million search results on Google (click here) and 5.2 million YouTube videos alone (click here), we see it making it into the mainstream arena in various forms.  This 22 minute presentation by Allegedly Dave on Macedonian National Television’s most popular current events aired to 11 million viewers across the former Yugoslavian countries.  Topics such as the fact that we do not as of yet have a raw image of the entire ball-shaped earth, an Antarctic “continent” that has never been crossed and have very limited access to, star trails, gyroscope behaviour, land at the equator, NASA rocket launch trajectories, Challenger Disaster Astronaut issues, Billions spent on CGI, the Alien Agenda, and many more well explained concepts – all go to make up a very compelling presentation.

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