An Epic Deception

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This compelling video put together by ODD TV, spells it out.  Do you believe you are a smart monkey?  Have you ever wondered how we know that the world is Billions of years old, and that at it’s origins were this mysterious Big Bang, where everything came from nothing, in an instant.  Have you ever studied the currently accepted Copernican model of the solar system? I mean really studied it? How much do you know about it?  Most people believe they are quite well versed in the place we all call home and the solar system which we are supposedly living in.  But, does it actually stand to scrutiny?  We’ve been looking to verify that we live on a ball for some time now, and we simply cannot find convincing evidence of it.  This 53 minute video does a great job of summarising much of this great debate.


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Published on Feb 18, 2016
Follow up to “True World” and “Learning Curve”. I’ve tried everything I can to prove to myself that the earth isn’t flat. It didn’t work at all. The more I look into it, the more confident I become that the earth is not a globe, but why fake the globe? Because it’s the only way to keep mainstream science relevant. If the big bang theory isn’t true, then the theory of evolution isn’t possible. If evolution isn’t real then God or a creator comes back into the picture. The creator of our world and the heavens. The earth is flat and motionless at the center of the universe. Sun worshippers have infiltrated positions of power and have placed the sun at the center of our universe for their own benefit. We are completely mind controlled and mislead about where we live and how special we really are.


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