Reasons Flat The Earth Deception – in under 5 Minutes

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A short video video put together by – one of the best explanations I have ever heard.  Eric Dubay’s rant on the reason’s for the deception behind the flat earth, all of which are in perfect harmony with the agendas we see unfolding currently. These are the very reasons that non-conspiratorially minded individuals just can’t seem to get their heads around, understand or even admit are in play.  In fact, most of them will go so far as to get angry, call you names or even dissociate with those of us who have awoken to any number of other great deceptions.  Fact is, “you ain’t gonna learn what you don’t wanna know”.  Problem is, once you’ve learnt something of this nature, it’s impossible to unlearn it.  There’s a great impasse there, and for anyone who has ever met resistance when talking about any of these things knows, it is almost impossible to lead a horse to water, let alone get them to be thirsty.  I always say that a lack of evidence is not the issue here.  It is an emotional need to know that, as a human being, you are safe.  And that your government is there to serve you. And that they must know something we don’t.  Well, this kid don’t buy it.  I ‘ve had just about enough of this crap.  It is pure evil at its core.  Pure deception to make us feel small, to take our divinity away….well, I won’t try to compete with Eric, his upcoming rant says it all.  Enjoy it, I sure do every time I listen to it.

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