California Ground Squirrel Found On Mars – seriously, what?

PIA15279 3rovers Stand D2011 1215 D521

Video credit: Scott Waring

Yes, it’s true, NASA has found life on Mars!  A California Ground Squirrel, to be exact.  This video proves that the Mars Rover is nowhere near Mars and most likely in the High Desert behind Los Angeles – the Mojave Desert.


Here is the image in question  you can download it yourself.


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  1. SusanneSusanne01-03-2016

    Hi there,

    great website and interesting blog, thanks for putting it out there!

    • William GenskeWilliam Genske01-03-2016

      Thank you Susanne, spread the word – NASA is just a bunch of lying Freemasonic satanists stealing our money and showing us fake pictures of, well…everything they show us seems to be fake.

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