Frequency of the Heavens

Cymatics 1

The following is a 14 minute presentation by Flat Earth researcher Ashlee Webster, (credits below) showing you stars and planets in a way you might not have seen before, and a great look at how different sounds and emotions affect particles, the effects of Bio-luminescence in the sea as well as in our forests, and a peek at Cymatics.  Very well put together. A great reminder of how little we actually know about the world around us, the infinite beauty of our surroundings and the mysteries we have yet to understand.  Deeply compelling.

Credit goes to:

Cary Stephens, CEE DEE YouTube channel, Bradley Bourgeois, Cymatic Music, Sightings western channel, Alicia5 channel, Supermushmuse, Mirage Shadowcat, and extra credit to Bioluminescent Forest 

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