Time lapse photography – proving flat earth? You decide….

Bora Bora 701841 1920

This 20 minute presentation by P-brane gives us some compelling things to think about, reasons to believe that we aren’t living on a magical spinning orb, which must do some pretty crazy stuff and move at some break-neck speeds in all different directions – if it wants to conform to the generally accepted “truth-myth”.  I am not one to generally accept much that is given to me by “mainstream anything”, so I will continue to feel my way through this maze of confusion and deception.  At a recent discussion with friends, it seems obvious to me that the reason it is hard to accept the Flat Earth Reality is not due to a lack of evidence.  I believe it is that the average human running around in a meat-suit, finds it impossible to believe that any person, institution or entity could have devised such an evil plan.  Why would they want to do that?  My answer is one that has come up time and again – and one that fits very well with known agendas of those who ought not be.  It is to trick you into believing you’re just a smart monkey, a mere accident – nothing special at all.  In fact, it is claimed that we are what happens if you give Hydrogen atoms enough time to “evolve”.  And, all of this, without any intelligent design, creation-mechanism or consciousness of any sort.  Just a big freaking bang, and about 5,184,518,400,000,000,000 seconds – and counting.  Frankly, at this point in my experience, this seems not just laughable, but insulting – to me, my fellow brother, and our collective intelligence and power for love.  What do you think?


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