NASA gets caught “faking” it all up….again

By Default 2015 12 11 At 19.20.45

NASA is famous for getting it wrong. It is almost as though they want to get caught lying?  Is someone on the inside trying to leave breadcrumbs?  Perhaps that person is just tired of going to work every day knowing they are duping the entire world – on so many levels.  This time, the ISS (the tin can in the sky) footage reveals their Achilles Heel, once again.  Using layers in their animation software, they have placed the “stars layer” in front of the “earth layer”, such that you can see the starts  in front of the faked up ball.  And no, that’s not dust on your screen!


The “magic” begins at the 15 minute, 20 second mark.  Watch closely, it’s not dust in your monitor.

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