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California Ground Squirrel Found On Mars – seriously, what?

PIA15279 3rovers Stand D2011 1215 D521

Video credit: Scott Waring Yes, it’s true, NASA has found life on Mars!  A California Ground Squirrel, to be exact.  This video proves that the Mars Rover is nowhere near Mars and most likely in the High Desert behind Los Angeles – the Mojave Desert.   Here is the image in question  you can download it yourself.  

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Moon & Mars Landings Broken Down – to pieces

Rocket 969 1280 Copy

A great video detailing the flaws, inconsistencies and outright lies that NASA has tried to pass off over the years, including the Moon and Mars Landing Hoaxes.

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Reasons Flat The Earth Deception – in under 5 Minutes

Optical Deception 902797 1920

A short video video put together by – one of the best explanations I have ever heard.  Eric Dubay’s rant on the reason’s for the deception behind the flat earth, all of which are in perfect harmony with the agendas we see unfolding currently. These are the very reasons that non-conspiratorially minded individuals just can’t seem to get their …

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The Real Stars over the Flat Earth

Milky Way 916523 1280

An amazing compilation of what stars really look like, accompanied by some modern day “scientific facts” about them.  Rob Durham spent the money on a great piece of equipment to capture images of these Celestial Beauties.  Somehow, it seems more and more unlikely that anything we have been told by Astrophysics is correct.  How can these luminaries be trillions of …

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Frequency of the Heavens

Cymatics 1

The following is a 14 minute presentation by Flat Earth researcher Ashlee Webster, (credits below) showing you stars and planets in a way you might not have seen before, and a great look at how different sounds and emotions affect particles, the effects of Bio-luminescence in the sea as well as in our forests, and a peek at Cymatics.  Very well …

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Time lapse photography – proving flat earth? You decide….

Bora Bora 701841 1920

This 20 minute presentation by P-brane gives us some compelling things to think about, reasons to believe that we aren’t living on a magical spinning orb, which must do some pretty crazy stuff and move at some break-neck speeds in all different directions – if it wants to conform to the generally accepted “truth-myth”.  I am not one to generally …

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Cirmcumnavigating the Earth by Air – A few anomalies…..

Flat Earth 1054350 1920

Here is an 8 minute video by GeoShifter detailing the various attempts at circumnavigation of the Earth by air.  It seems the only successful attempts that can be tracked and verified have been done in an East-West fashion.  Only one claim of a North-South route shows up in the findings, and it yields some interesting anomalies.  What do you think? …

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You’ve Woken Up…..Now What?

Elephant 748288 Sm

  Here is another collaborative effort between Zen Gardner and Patrick Willis.  Just watch and listen.  Intently.  

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Flat Earth – Simplified, Summarised, and Theorised

Orlando Ferguson Flat Earth Map Edit

This is an incredibly good video that helps to look at the concept of the Flat Earth from many different perspectives. Put together by WaikyWaiky, this is a great summary of the concepts we need to understand when looking into various aspects of the flat earth.    

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The Battlefield Is You! Your True Nature…


An incredible piece, one that moved me in its beauty, simplicity and truth. Written by Zen Gardner, this piece has few words.  Produced by Patrick Willis, the imagery, music and timing are impeccable. Nothing more to be said.  

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