Orion….is getting ready to fool you.

Van Allen Radiation Belts

Ok, so this post is dedicated to anyone who claims that the “Moon landings” were real.

In this first clip, we watch the NASA propaganda piece about Orion, the next generation space capsule, which intends on launching Astronauts into space.  Wait…I thought we already did that?  Didn’t we send a bunch of astronauts to the Moon in the late sixties and early seventies?  Surely we have, we have all seen that dramatic and impressive footage of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walking on the lunar surface…..right???  This NASA “engineer” explains to us what the upcoming challenges will be. Searing heats, and extreme radiation, blah, blah, blah…

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So, the furthest we can go with 2015 technology is “low space orbit”.  Huh. That really strikes me as very odd. Watch this next clip as Astronaut Alan Bean fumbles his way through an interview regarding the same Van Allen radiation belts – you know, the ones we cannot get through with today’s technology.  Yeah, those. At first he’s not actually sure if they even went high enough to go through the radiation belts.  When schooled on the actual location of these high radiation belts, he suddenly changes his story and becomes an expert on the effects of radiation in space.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what’s going on here.  This is proof that the whole compartmentalized nature of NASA is working against them.  Problem is, once you lie, you have to make up more lies to cover up the initial lie.  And the problem compounds with time.

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So, somehow we managed to send 7 Apollo missions successfully through these pesky Van Allen Belts, without any issues whatsoever, 6 of them supposedly putting men on the lunar surface.  But today, with almost 50 years of advancement in technology, NASA has a problem with radiation.  Sounds like a bunch of tall tales to me.  What do you think??

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