Ooooops! What did he just say???

Sunita Williams Commader Of International Space Station

Here is a clip, courtesy of Johan Backes, of an interview with Astronaut Chris Cassidy aboard the ISS, when he is asked about his experience in high school.  Listen to his answer, it is really quite telling.  Did he forget his script or is he trying to tell us something?  Shortly after his blunder, watch his eyes darting off to the side, as he is berated by his handlers.

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By the way, what’s with the extreme overuse of hair spray on the ISS? Is this supposed to get us to believe that they’re actually in space.  Once you notice it, it’s hard to ignore.  Sometimes I truly believe NASA is trying to get caught out.  How long do they think they can get away with this nonsense?

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  1. Harry KendlowHarry Kendlow08-03-2017

    Lol I would do that too if I had just blundered like that. I know lots of people who do.

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