Bubbles In Space??

ScubaDiving Astronauts

Many people still believe that NASA is conducting experiments in low-earth orbit aboard the International Space Station.  This post is dedicated to exposing the lies that NASA and other space agencies are telling us, and showing you how they pull this feat off.  By their own admission, all of the training for Astronauts getting ready to go aboard the ISS is done in a pool. In the following video, we see how this “training” is done in a pool, named the Neutral Buoyancy Lab, in Houston, Texas.

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Next, let’s take a look at a presentation which exposes many of the lies that we’ve been told about the ISS and space programs in general.  Bubbles in space, Scuba tanks visible during their E.V.A.’s (Extra Vehicular Activities), the permed/over-sprayed hair, the dangerous nature of space (micrometeorites, potential for fire), and many other issues, which simply don’t add up. Oh yeah, and where are all the feminists demanding we put a woman on the Moon?


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It just doesn’t add up folks.  The lies and cover ups have to stop.  Why are we spending billions of dollars every year on fake space stations, Computer Generated Images of a hoaxed globe, and thousands of other lies – when we have SO many issues right here at home that need immediate attention?


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