Earth Curvature Test…New Zealand

Kapiti Island

In this 7 minute video, Globe Skeptic does a fantastic job of showing that there is absolutely no curvature, as would be expected on the globe earth model as described by modern day science.

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  1. Herschel36Herschel3612-14-2015

    Loving this website and this content, however even though I can follow the discussion around flat earth my normally bias kicks in and tells me that it cannot be true because I have always been taught that we live on a globe and why would the education system lie to me?

    • William GenskeWilliam Genske12-14-2015

      What does that tell you about conditioning? It works against the very senses. You see with your own eyes and you doubt with your thought making device. Even when presented with all the evidence required to know we’re not on a spinning ball, the conditioning kicks in. Why? To control us.

      I say “Believe your senses before you believe your head. They got a hold of my thought creation device before I could, and they worked a number on it, and on me. One thing is for sure, we seem to have been lied about literally everything else, why not this?? It is the ultimate control mechanism, the very thing that will make you think you’re just an accidentally derived intelligent monkey – that was once a fish, that one had no eyes, or brain. And, by mistake, were told, if you give hydrogen long enough to “evolve”, were what you get. Laughable and pitiful that we might somehow be lured into the trap of believing that nonsense. Peace, brother.

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