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Sydney Skyline At Dusk   Dec 2008

One of the most notable side effects having engaged in research on the subject of the shape and nature of the place we call home, is that we start to notice things that we were once “blinded” to.  Some incredible work is being done by My Perspective, illustrating what would have to happen if we did live on a sphere.  Until recently, these concepts never even crossed our minds.  We found ourselves making “excuses” for the apparent inconsistencies of the globe model.  Once we awaken to reality, we find ourselves questioning things, using critical thinking to process the information that we see with our own eyes.  We find that we no longer accept what we are told, and rely instead on our own senses to examine and interpret the world around us.

The author of the video reveals one of the often-used tricks to trick us into believing that there is curvature to water, a concept that simply makes no sense whatsoever.

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