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This great video was put together by Reffi, who found and analyzed a video of the highest, to date, private rocket launch from the Nevada desert.  It reached a stunning 73 miles (120 Kilometers).  While checking the video of the launch, frame by frame, Reffi was able to see the Moon.  Using some great detective work, the author of this video was able to determine the approximate time of the launch.  Checking, he was able to determine the position of the Moon at that time, and what do you think he found out?  Well, the results confirm what we already know to be true.  The Moon at the time of the launch was approaching the East Coast of Australia, on the OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE “GLOBE”.  It would literally be impossible to see the Moon from the launch position, no matter how high you were, since you would be having to look through the entire globe in order to do so.

I am certain that Globe-a-holics will tell us that, due to the earth’s gravity, the light from the Moon, is bending around the globe, making this possible.  Or is it a Superior Mirage, perhaps???

Tell us what you think.


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The two images below represent the starting point (Las Vegas, NV), and the end point (Middle of the Indian Ocean), illustrating the point exactly on the other side of the globe from Las Vegas. The Moon’s position at the time of the launch was over Eastern Australia.  I have added these images to give you a sense of perspective.


The image below shows how much of the globe you would have to be looking through in order to be able to see the moon.


The image below shows the position of the moon at the time of the launch, in relation to the launch site, making it perfectly clear that the camera on the rocket would never be able to have captured an image of the moon, if we lived on a globe:



  1. Apollo 957Apollo 95711-15-2015

    Misplaced assumption 1 – Nevada and Eastern Australia aren’t on ‘opposite sides of the globe’

    Misplaced assumption 2 – Placing Earth and Moon on the same horizontal plane, and not placing the Moon with any precision.

    Latitude and Longitude between Nevada and East Australia are both less than 90 degrees. If the Moon is truly at its closest point to, and directly above, East Australia, then Nevada is, broadly speaking, off to the side, and the rocket is being launched roughly at a right angle to Australia. From the side of the Earth, not the opposite side.

    Build a 3D model to test this. Take into account the inclination of the Moon’s orbit in relation to Earth, and the Earth’s inclination with respect to the Sun. Place the Moon at the correct distance, to scale, from your model Earth

  2. Apollo 957Apollo 95711-16-2015

    You also need to take account of the 23.5 degree tilt according to the season; here

    and the Moon’s actual position – according to it would have been to the North of Eastern Australia, not directly overhead. This would make it more visible to an object (rocket) above the Earth in the Northern Hemisphere (where Nevada is)

    • Flat HeadFlat Head11-21-2015

      Hi again Apollo 957. I decided to humor you and did the work to model, in 3-D, the position of the Moon in relation to the launch site, at the time of launch. I think you will agree that this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we cannot live on a sphere as described by modern day science.

  3. Flat HeadFlat Head11-21-2015

    Thanks for your two posts Apollo 957. While Australia is not directly on the other side of the globe from the launch site, the Moon’s position at the time of the launch was, as you point out, over the East Side of Australia. No matter how you look at this, at any altitude over the Nevada desert, the Moon could not possibly be visible at that location. Nevada and East Australia are not “off to the side” as you assert. Nevada is well within the “northern hemisphere”, while Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere. Building a 3D model, as you suggest, would simply be a waste of time, energy and an exercise in futility. I don’t believe you have to do much more than give this a moment’s thought. Further, the earth’s supposed inclination towards the sun is irrelevant. A ball is a ball, no matter what it’s supposed tilt is. If I am on the northern hemisphere of that ball and an object is over the southern hemisphere, as in this example, there is no way to see the object, unless you can look through the ball. The only way this would be possible is if the observer in the northern hemisphere and the object in question over the southern hemisphere were close to the equator, as well as close to one another.

    Further, the footage of the rocket launch shows that the moon is over a flat plane, completely discrediting the notion that we are on a spinning orb. You can dispute this all day long, but it doesn’t change the facts.

    If we were on a ball, we would expect to find some curvature. Any curvature would do. But we see none.

    Thanks for your input, but I am afraid it is a red herring. Peace.

  4. rayray04-21-2016

    As far as I am concerned if I can see a lighthouse from 42 miles away and if the earth was a globe it should be approx. 660 ft at the other side of the horizon then the earth is flat. Globers give me a credible explanation of why this is? Now we have established that the earth is flat how do we
    get our message across to the 95% of the worlds population who don’t care what shape it is. That’s our biggest problem.

    • William GenskeWilliam Genske04-26-2016

      Hi Ray, thank you kindly for your post. Forgive my delay in getting a reply to you.

      You’re absolutely right, while so many are unaware of the fact that this debate is going on, there is a huge number of people out there who don’t see the significance as well as the consequences of the fact that we have been mind-controlled all our lives. How do we address this? Well, I am connecting with people all over the world who are having success in this arena, specifically people who are behaving in a manner which is unifying rather than divisive – and learning from them. I put this website up in a morning and continue to add to it. As people get more and more curious about the nature of the place we all call home (and therefore our very own nature), there is a growing number of resources available for verification. I have been at this for some time now and I am still fascinated by the subject. It gripped me from day 1. Incredible numbers of videos, blogs and the like are popping up everywhere, and some of the material is really excellently produced.

      The fact is we cannot do anything about wilful ignorance (or any type of ignorance) but we can help those who are struggling to understand to get past the inevitable disbelief, anxiety, fear and all the rest of the emotions that many of us had to go through while in the process of awakening. It is painful and scary all at the same time, so I can understand that there is a sense of dissonance there. But there are many waking up to this reality. The numbers are hard to pin down, but this is one of the biggest phenomenons in modern times, just from a growth standpoint.

      In the meantime, I feel I have an ongoing challenge to remain centered, trying to always be kind to others, do the right thing, make decisions based on the correct underlying principles and stay afloat within this thing called life which I am experiencing. Also, I am looking to join a growing community and to get geographically close to a community of people who are like-minded. The future is a mystery, but the decisions I make next, will undoubtedly affect my tomorrow. Keep on keeping on and have faith – that’s the best I can do at this point.

      Kindly and with total respect. Wm

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