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We’ve been in touch with a lot of people recently, many of whom are waking up to the notion that not all is as we’ve been told.  And the more we look, the more evidence we find.  The purpose of the entries in this section of the site, are to document some of those findings and to provide a forum for discussion.  The nature of the material and information we’re covering in this site, begs controversy, dispute, and division.  We’re not  interested in any of that.  It’s really not helpful to anyone or any one cause.

Almost everyone we talk to, if they are willing to engage us, typically respond immediately with a barrage of questions, all designed to show us that we are under some type of spell.  They mock slightly, just to make sure that when they are proven right, they can all exclaim how wrong we were to assert such foolishness. Others simply dismiss the notion, saying that so many people would have to be “in on it”….and while this may be true, it does not stop us from proceeding with our search. That, alone, is no proof that we have not been deceived in a massive way, with massive consequences.

Not so much in the case of the NASA deceit –  a lot of people are willing to entertain that notion, to a degree.  But once their vision of a spinning ball earth, in all of it’s glory, is in any way disputed, well that’s a different story.  They tend to react in a somewhat predictable way.  We’ve so far been called many names. Delusional comes to mind.  “Do you know that you sound like a conspiracy theorist, that you’re sounding like a nut job?”. We know. We said this too. And our process of coming to terms with a newfound reality took some time.  The programming takes time to deconstruct.

Our hope is that we can be helpful to those who are willing to listen, by providing a stream of evidence that will help people to overcome the knee-jerk reaction of dismissal and ridicule. And while we were aware of the repercussions of what we, along with thousands of others, were discovering, we had a hard time coming to terms with it.  It wasn’t going to be a case of swallowing a truth this big in one bite. It takes time.

So, we ask you to be open minded.  And kind.  And respectful.  It is clear to us that the world is already divided in many ways. We do not need to add to that division.  In fact, quite the opposite. Only once we are in possession of the truth, can we begin to heal.

Over the last few months, we have been watching and listening to many, many people. They are also interested in the pursuit of the truth. They have put together some incredible experiments, all designed to take us one step closer to the truth. As it was in our case, we find that almost everyone, especially at first, will “make excuses” for the ball earth. They will say things like, “the horizon would not necessarily have to appear lower in your view, it could appear to come to the level of the eye of the observer. I am not sure under what circumstances this could be true, but I know I felt that way also.  So we continue with other proof. As the evidence mounts, it becomes clear whether someone is willing to give up their pear-shaped, oblate spheroid. Most aren’t.

So, we will present items of interest here, things that make you go hmmmm, and things that we feel are proofs that we are not crazy, that indeed we have stumbled onto something real here.  If you disagree with us, we urge you to ask questions, post comments challenging our findings, but please, be respectful.  Thank you.

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