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Sky Dome Sundog Halo


Here is an answer from DITRH with respect to the last post.  It is a video by Zeteticism which shows the possibility of Sun Dogs, the reflection of the Sun on our dome?? If you’re not familiar with the Enclosed Dome theory, check out some of these videos here

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WTF is that???

Screen Shot 2015 10 28 At 11.29.12

Just came across this video by Innerstanding, which really piqued our curiosity.  Could this be some type of a camera/lens illusion or even a sun “flare”?  What do you think?

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A Funny Thing Happened….


This is Bart Sibrel’s presentation titled “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to The Moon”.  While we do not necessarily agree with all the claims in this video, there is a tremendous amount of very compelling evidence.  Specifically, beginning at the 32 minute mark, we see the trickery which was employed in making the film of Earth from a supposed …

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Eric Dubay’s 200 Proofs of a Flat Earth

Flat Earth 1

This is is video detailing Eric Dubay’s 200 proofs of a flat earth.

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More NASA Image issues….

Space Shuttle 928881 640

Here is a two minute video by ConsciousTruth, showing the carelessness exhibited by NASA artists.  

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Faking Globes

World Map 2004 CIA Large 1.7m Whitespace Removed

Here is a great video from thebikerscout, which shows you how to create a globe from a flat map, in a couple of minutes.    

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Star Trails and more….

Whirling Southern Star Trails Over ALMA Copy

This video, by DITRH addresses several issues with the globe model.  Got a video you think does a great job of showing proof of a flat earth?  Perhaps you have one that proves the globe earth? Let us know in the comments below.    

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Clouds behind the Sun & Moon?


Check this out, a 4 minute video put together by eventskeptic showing the moon, in all of it’s glory – with clouds behind it.  

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The Gambini Family

Dili And Atauro Island

A one minute video put together by stinkycash, which made us laugh, and makes a great point. The whole ball earth argument is fraught with flaws, inconsistencies and impossibilities. As the case for the flat earth is built, it quickly becomes clear that the ball theory starts making less and less sense.  

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Sunset 922411 640

We’ve been in touch with a lot of people recently, many of whom are waking up to the notion that not all is as we’ve been told.  And the more we look, the more evidence we find.  The purpose of the entries in this section of the site, are to document some of those findings and to provide a forum for discussion. …

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