NASA claims that there are only 2 photographs of earth from space? Wouldn't you expect NASA to have literally thousands of unedited, un-retouched PHOTOGRAPHS from space for us to see? Are there any issues with these two images? Are they even real???

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How much money has been spent funding N.A.S.A. over the years? Can you imagine what we could have done with that money instead? Click here to find out how much you would have to spend every day for the rest of your life....

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Literally thousands of hours have been invested by individuals in exposing the blatant lies, the constant cover-ups, their false imagery. Click here to learn about what's been discovered. You'll be shocked.

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The biggest deception of all. Most people believe that they have an open mind. Do YOU? Test that notion here. Look at factual information that proves to you that you have been deceived throughout your ENTIRE lifetime.

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Some rules we ought to observe, when conducting science. Why it is important to question methods. Here we will go into the scientific method, and how a globe earth is a construct, only in your mind.

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The problem with the globe model is that is simply does not stand up well to scrutiny.

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Click to sign our petition to force NASA disclosure. If there's nothing to hide it should be treated as a routine audit, as any agency should expect - and welcome.

Reasons why it is imperative to call for an investigation:

There are literally thousands of individuals all around the world who have spent countless hours looking into NASA’s claims of Moon Landings, Missions into Space, Satellites, Photographs and Video or Film footage, and have found plenty of room for belief that not all is as we’ve been told. This ongoing investigation is fundamental to finding truth, but something must be done. We must take action.

It’s YOUR money!!!


Since it’s inception in July of 1958, NASA has been involved in the exploration of space, using our tax dollars. It’s time we look into exactly WHAT this money has been spent on. We would simply like to ensure that the funds are being utilized wisely. We the people, demand transparency and investigation into practices, methodologies and expenditures of the NASA space program since it’s inception.

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Lies, Lies & more Lies


Over the course of many decades, we believe that NASA has engaged in deception, lies and cover-ups. Literally thousands of people all around the world have looked into NASA’s claims, images, documentation and practices… there is something definitely amiss. We have the right, as taxpaying citizens, to call for investigation into these alleged crimes. If you’re not familiar with these claims, click below.

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The biggest lie of all


Many people are questioning the exact extent of the deception that NASA has been involved in. Using the Scientific Method, citizens of this earth have come to the conclusion that the space agency is covering up one of the most fundamental truths – the nature of the very place we call home. We ask you to place everything you have learnt throughout your life on hold while approaching this subject.

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The time to act is NOW.


Many people are rightfully concerned about the state of the world in which we live. All you have to do is look at the current state of affairs within our political system, our apparent addiction to war and the west’s concerted effort to destabilize humanity. Check out the facts, and learn how you can get involved in any number of ways. Don’t settle for lies, demand truth. Get involved, stand up and speak out.

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Anyone who cares to look at the human condition knows there is something definitely wrong. We feel this in our hearts, within our souls. We have to stop fighting each other, and concentrate on solutions. In order to do so, we believe that we must first expose the truth, as well as those responsible for the mass deception of humanity. Join us today to seek justice, expose deception and work on healing this beautiful place we call Earth.

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